CFD Solutions

The Team has a good knowledge of physics of neutral and electrically conducting fluids as well as a strong experience in numerical methods for the solution of Navier-Stokes equations. It is familiar with the study of turbulence in fluids and homogeneous turbulence in plasmas. The current research concerns the study of the effect of the magnetic field and turbulence in channel flows, in particular for low magnetic Reynolds number, i.e. in the approximation where the induced magnetic field is neglected. The team is also studying homogeneous MHD turbulence in plasmas, driven by a Lorentz force produced from externally imposed sheared magnetic fields. Our research is supported by a local linux cluster (Rocks Clusters) with up to 144 cores, 144 Gb of memory. 16Tb of storage and a 20Gb infiniband network. The Team have also access to several clusters worldwide.

Moreover, various activities of the Team can be reported with subjects relevant to:


Development of numerical models for the study of MHD flows in laminar, transitional or turbulent liquid metal flows. This activity includes the study of the turbulent, compressible and high temperature MHD plasma flow inside TOKAMAK devices.

Heat transfer and thermal convection

Study of heat transfer from mixed or free convective flows.

Drug delivery

Development of numerical methods for the simulation of MRI guided nanopatricles that will be used for drug delivery through human arteries to attack cancer tumors.

Solar Panel / Wind Turbine Engineering

Development of methods for simulating the wind flow flow arround solar panels and wind turbines.

Fuel cells

Development of three-dimensional CFD models of direct ethanol fuel cells (mostry for the anode flow bed analysis).

Industrial flows

Development of numerical models for the simulation of flow and transport phenomena of glass in industrial melting tanks.

Fluid turbulence

DNS and LES studies of homogeneous and wall bounded turbulent flows.

Enviromental flows

Water flow and analysis for the reconstructed Lake Karla, Greece.

Water wave harvesting simulations

 Simulations of flapping foils by water waves for energy harvesting systems.

Risk analysis

Smoke and hazardous air pollution simulation and risk analysis.